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updated sun 5 sep 99


Gary & Carla Goldberg on fri 3 sep 99

Hi - I am toying with the idea of teaching adults hand building
techniques via our Community Schools Program. I'm looking at it as a
way to earn a few bucks and hopefully sell a few of my pieces. I don't
plan on getting rich by any means.

The school program usually runs a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks. I was
figuring on having it once a week. That way on week 2 we can glaze the
stuff I already fired that was completed (and hopefully dry) from week
1. The facility would not have any normal pottery/ceramic stuff, so I
would have to fire them at home.

Naturally, at the beginning of class I would demonstrate the technique
that we are going to do for that day and have some completed items for
demonstration. Then let them have at it for 1.5 hours, clean up and
send them home. This would be about 2 hours total.

I'm unsure how much glaze I will need and other supplies. I would like
to charge a set fee that includes all the supplies, so they don't end up
getting clay or glazes that are not compatible. I figured I would want
a minimum of 5 people and a max or 8 or 10??? What do you guys think?
I would be doing this by myself and teaching adults only.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance :)

Carla in Alaska, where the termination dust (snow) is falling on the