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bbq chopping bowl?

updated wed 8 sep 99


elizabeth priddy on tue 7 sep 99

Some people use wooden bowls for this but they are not
as good due to the ability to serve the vinegar sauced
barbeque straight from the glazed clay one instead of
having to transfer it to another one for dressing and
serving after chopping.

The clay bowl keeps the barbeque hot and we use vinegar
based heat so the glazed bowls don't absorb it.
We like it hot, pulled straight from the meat, and
chopped with a little cracklin' into the bowl.

You chop barbeque with an enormous knife that has two
handles on either end and a curved blade. The bowl is
about two feet wide and sloped so that the blade can be
rocked back and forth through the meat to make the
chopped pork barbeque.

The bowl is a thick stoneware bowl about 2 1/2 feet
wide and sloped across the bottom to conform to the
knife blade to make the chopping efficient. It is a
beautiful application of form following funtion.

Oh my god, I am so hungry right now.

Elizabeth Priddy

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