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ideal wood

updated wed 8 sep 99


Steve Dalton on tue 7 sep 99

I agree with you. I've experemented with different firing times
in my wood kiln. 14 hours and I had alot of nice looking pots,
6 1/2 hours only a few. The otherday 13 1/2 hours and no bag walls,
this was the best. I even threw in about a couple cups of salt.
The longer you fire in gas, electric or wood - you get better results.
Soaking even helps out more that one might expect.
Steve Dalton
> From: clennell
> Subject: Ideal wood
> Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 21:10:26 +0100
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...ALL wood kilns are alot of work...
>Ok, you fast fire and get one or fire slow and try to get them all.
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