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wood-fired pots without that annoying nuscience of firing a wood kiln

updated wed 8 sep 99


David Hendley on tue 7 sep 99

It's pretty simple to make 'fake' wood-fired pots.
No reason to try to inject ashes into the kiln at
the end of the firing, just put ashes on the pots
before you load them.

Two ways to go about this:
Dry method - just sprinkle ashes on the pots. Shake a
sieve with ashes in it over the pots for a light dusting.
Coat the pots with something sticky, like corn syrup, first
if you want a heavy coat.

Wet method - mix up an ash-water mixture and spray it
on the pots. Add a little clay to suspend things and make
it stick on the pots better. Add a little whiting to counter-
act the refractory addition of the clay. Shoot this on the
sides of pots for great flashings that show the 'flame path'
through the kiln.

If you get really good at this you will be able to fool even
wood-firing potters. If you put a shino glaze on the pots
you might even fool Tony C.
Another great benefit of this approach is - no ash residue
to clean off the kiln shelves!
The great look of wood firing with none of the work!!!
David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas