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unidentified slip

updated thu 9 sep 99


Jeff van den Broeck on wed 8 sep 99

I tried to send this message before but didn't get through. Here my story
When looking for clay in the mountain province (Philippines), people
brought me to holes along the road, where a light green slip was dripping
from the rocks. They told me that during the time there were still potters
in the village, they came to collect some of this stuff, but they didn't
know what the potters used it for.
The material felt very soapy and my testbars had a skrinkage of 6% through
drying and biscuitfiring. It came out light brown and with very smooth
surface. During a reduction firing, cone 7, the testbar and little pot I
handbuilt, doubled in volume. I had to break them from between the other
pots, without problem. The body, contrary to the other low firing bodies
that melted, was like a risen dough, layered with litlle horizontal holes,
lightweight and soft. The color was slightly shiny dark green outside and
dull, dark grey with holes inside.
Can anybody give me a clue about the identity of this material or suggest
other tests to find out if it's worthwhile to collect more of it.
Hope to hear from claydiggers. Thanks, Jeff.

Jeff van den Broeck - P.O.Box 1099
Baguio City 2600 - Philippines