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rudy houk

updated sun 12 sep 99


John Baymore on fri 10 sep 99

Hi all. Hate to be the bearer of some bad news...... but thought some of
you on the CLAYART list might have known Rudy over the years and would want
to know:

Rudy Houk, architect, raku potter, and LNHC member died suddenly Sept 4th.
Rudy worked as a full time potter for many years under the business name
Tug Mountain Kilns in Caanan, NH, and had taught in the art dept. at New
England College. At one point he was involved with the Phoenix Studios
program and Studio Potter magazine. Recently he was living at John Yasker
Rd. in Barnstead, NH with his wife, Alberta.

(If I remember correctly he is in the original group photo of the NH
Potters Guild in issue =231 volume =231 of Studio Potter, reprinted in a =
recent issue.)

Rudy was my =22last minute=22 cancellation for this past summer's woodfiring
workshop..... because he had JUST been appointed to Executive Director of
the American Institute of Architects....and they scheduled him to a
conference with conflicting dates. He was disappointed. He had been
trying to find time for the past couple of years to do the workshop. He
and I had not worked together for a long time... and we were both looking
forward to it. Not to be. (=22Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans.=22 - John Lennon)

Rudy was an energetic supporter of both potters and pottery
....particularly raku. He'll be missed.

Services are 11AM this Saturday in Concord, NH at the South Congregational
Church. Donations in lieu of flowers to Cistic Fibrosis Foundation or
Friends of Henniker Rescue Squad PO Box 91, Henniker NH 03242.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA


Debby Grant on sat 11 sep 99

Rudy Houk was also a dear friend of mine. We met some 20 odd years
ago at a kiln building session at Gerry Williams' Phoenix workshop. He
was just starting out then as a potter and had decided on a complete
life change. I later hired him as an instructor at the Manchester
Institute of Arts and Sciences. He taught there for a few years and
finally went back to architecture full time. He was soon to retire and
I believe he had plans of getting back into pottery. He will be sorely

Debby Grant in NH