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new tile work on website

updated mon 13 sep 99


ababy sharon on sun 12 sep 99

Hallo Elizabeth,
I have seen your works,and I think you have delicate paintings in your
I write this letter through ClayArt because my computer does not recognize
your E mail. I always runaway from this kind of work(tiles) because of the
square cold frame. You made them "unsquare" warm and delicate.

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From: elizabeth priddy
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 1999 07:15
Subject: New Tile Work on Website

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> I just want to thank everyone again for helping
> crit the tiles I made last year.
> I have finally managed to get the pictures of current
> work up on my website, and update the whole site for
> that matter. I am going to make an addended page
> based on the "Current Tile Work", including notes and
> excerpts from the online critique. I will indicate
> how the comments and input influenced the subsequent
> work, (and it did!). This should be interesting.
> At the same time, I welcome information and comment
> in the same spirit that I offered the work up before.
> The reason that I am not putting the work out with
> commentary first is so that it can be seen fresh and
> on its own merit.
> If people would like, they can email me directly with
> their comments, indicate if you care whether it is
> included in a new group of crit results, and I will
> compile the whole group and post it at one time.
> That is if any of the opinionated clayarters that I
> have grown to truly enjoy have anything to say!
> And as always, don't pull your punches and feel
> free to compare these with the original work or any
> other work you can think of!
> Thank you all for your time. The webpage is:
>, "Current Tile Work"
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> Elizabeth Priddy
> I speak from sincerity and experience, not authority...
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