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peach wood ash?

updated thu 16 sep 99


Steve Dalton on wed 15 sep 99

Question #1: Wood will vary from season to season, type and location. It
will be hard to say what it will turn out like.
It may be runny, dry or just perfect. All you can do is make a sample and
test on your own. Also remember the way you fire will differ from mine to
Joe Smith down the road. Run a triaxil test - feldspar and ball clay,
feldspar and EPK, etc.
Question #2: You can mix wood ash! Just make sure you test it.

Here are some basic recipes to try:
Wood ash 40%
Custer 40%
OM4 20%
or 20% Whiting

Wood ash 50%
Custer 50%

The first will yield a semi matt, depending upon ash used and cone. The
second will yield a gloss, depending upon ash used and cone.
Also I would leave out the starter logs, who knows what kind of residue you
might get.
Steve Dalton