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cobalt & indigo

updated sat 18 sep 99


millie carpenter on fri 17 sep 99

this came thru to me on a fabric list that I am on so its focus was
totally on the fabric but I thought I would pass it on for those in the
area (which I am not) who can get to see the cobalt part.

Millie in MD, where with the power back on and the wonderful sunshine,
you would never know that a huricane came through yesterday. well, okay
there are the downed limbs and flooded areas. and the kids are out of
school again because the schools are still shelters

> Those of you living in the Vancouver vicinity will no doubt be aware of
> the
> wonderful exhibit opening September 24th-November 14th at the CCM.
> "Cobalt
> and Indigo", includes the work of two ceramists and two Japanese shibori
> artists, Hiroyuki Shindo and Yvonne Wakabayashi.