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pizza stones & health

updated thu 23 sep 99


CNW on wed 22 sep 99

I have one of those 'pampered chef' pizza stones. I don't use it that often,=
does work fairly well even though they reccomend not using it for those =
rising crust pizzas.

For cleaning them they recommend scraping the lumps off and then using warm
water to clean it. Having grown up with a iron skillet on the stove at all
times, I can only assume that the reason for not using soap on the stone is =
keep the oils to seal and 'season' the stone. Not to mention the seasoning =
tend to retain the soapy taste. About the sanitary problem - as far I know =
really isn't any. Most pans used for cooking before the advent of non-stick
gradually became seasoned from the oils baking into a sort of permanent =
To remove the coating you have to take it pretty high. We used to =
put the skillet into the fireplace. Just don't leave lumps or puddles of =
hot water and a scrubby
will take most everything off. Heat does the rest.

The pizza stones seem to be just plain old stoneware fired to vitrification
the only special thing is the lifetime warranty-if you break it they replace=

Celia in NC