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leaking oil lamp/design

updated sun 26 sep 99


Corinne P. Null on sat 25 sep 99

Which all brings up a point....don't you test your own products in everyday
use. Don't you regularly bring pots from your production into your house?
This would have discovered the problem before it got very far outside.

Sorry, but dammit, your customer should not be your tester.

Tom Wirt

Your point is too good to be buried in the bottom of a posting! We need to
test our work in so many ways before letting it go out into the world. Not
just for leaking, or scratching table tops, but also durability and
leachabilty of glaze. Let's not forget good basic design, too. We have a
responsibility to our buyers, and other potters. We have enough "bad press"
without creating more.

That said, I cringe when I think of some of the stuff I've "let go".

Corinne Null
Bedford, New Hampshire