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haunting seconds

updated fri 1 oct 99


Melissa Carpenter on thu 30 sep 99

I can relate to Sheron and Sandra... being faced with rejects is not my
idea of a good time. Many years ago my husband and I were at a dinner
party, not a big affair luckily, but an evening that included meeting
several new couples. My friend (the host) had this huge smile on her
face as she set a covered casserole on the table. As she announced to
the group that I was the creative soul who had made the piece I thought
I would crawl under the table and hide for the remainder of the
evening. All pride and confidence that I had managed to attain drained
from my body. I had thrown this dish and it's ill-fitting lid in the
garbage weeks earlier!!! How could it be here!! My husband (an admitted
pack rat) could not tolerate finding the piece in the trash and gave it
to our friend! It was not a good night for me. (or him) I now take
great pleasure in smashing all seconds!!! I have never been able to
recover that bad bad dish even with an offer of a "first quality"

Melissa Carpenter
State College, PA