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updated tue 5 oct 99


Tom Colson on mon 4 oct 99

Hi All-

After a very long absence from the world of Clayart, it's good to be
back. Here are a couple of announcements:

First, info about the 1999 Tile Heritage Foundation Symposium in Erie,
PA is up on Tiles On The Web at:

Second, Tiles On The Web now has a new home:

I would appreciate it if all of you who have so kindly maintained links
to the site would update them. The old address will be going away in a
few weeks.

Finally, a request for any Clayarters who have a site up on TOTW. Could
you please drop me a note to let me know what you are up to these days?
I want to make sure that the work displayed on the site is current and
that I have up-to-date contact info for everyone. Please respond to
tom@*N*O*S*P*A*M* (after deleteing the *N*O*S*P*A*M*).

Thanks and Best Regards,


Tom Colson
Tiles On The Web:
The Web Site for Handmade and Historic Tiles

when replying, please remove the *N*O*S*P*A*M* from the above address
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