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updated wed 6 oct 99


Anji Henderson on tue 5 oct 99

***Cliped from***
Your Tile
should represent what is unique about you, your work
and your country, its people, environment, culture and
heritage -- not ours please!
What is special about your part of the World to add to
this international jig-saw? Whatever you design,
please incorporate your personal seal and your town or
country of origin (name, map, flag or symbol?)
Remember 10,000+ people will tread The Path each year
looking for tiles from every continent and country in
the World including yours!

Important! Your tile must be
+ square + impervious + sturdy and tough
+ with non-slip surface so it is safe to walk in very
wet weather
+ no very deep profile please

Tiles to measure:
10 cm x 10 cm (4" x 4") x 1 cm (give or take a mm or

Please make, fire and send your tile now!!
+ pack really well
+ do not forget your name and postal or email address
+ declare as a gift/cadeau if posted outside European
+ include interesting information for exhibition with
your tile/s
+ send to The International Potters' Path at this
The Chapel of Art // 8 Marine Crescent // Criccieth
LL52 0EA // GB-Wales

Deadline: When 5000 suitable tiles have arrived. Tiles
that do not meet the above criteria may not be used
for safety reasons

Have fun Alisa, and pass the info along... :)

--- Alisa and Claus Clausen wrote:
> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
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> -----
> Hi Janet,
> Now I know where that thread came from! Sorry, I
> have no input there. Healthy
> or unhealthy? Well, guess it depends what type of
> clay. Regular red iron
> earthernware is probably what they are using, so
> maybe the iron is beneficial,
> if they don't mind the sand when it is time to,
> well, you know.
> I would like to make you a some tiles for the Chapel
> of Art. I read your
> website but did not find the prerequisites for size,
> motifs, etc. Please tell
> me what you want in the way of dimension and any
> other requirements, and I will
> be happy to get to work on them.
> Best regards,
> Alisa in Denmark
> PS I have several other friends in the studio I
> will ask to participate on your
> project.

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