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information on tiles for the international potters path

updated wed 6 oct 99


Janet Kaiser on tue 5 oct 99

I would like to make you a some tiles for The Chapel of Art. I read your
website but did not find the prerequisites for size, motifs, etc. Please
me what you want in the way of dimension and any other requirements, and I
be happy to get to work on them. I have several other friends in the studio
I will ask to participate on your project.

Hi Alisa!

Delighted to hear you are going to become a Path Maker as well as get more
people working on this great project. Sorry you did not notice the
dimensions, etc. The Chapel of Art website is now 32 pages (x 60 cm) long so
I am not suprised you did not find the information first time around! It is
way out of hand!! Like my postings to Clay Art.... ;-)

Artistic requirements... Well, that is up to each individual maker.

What we strongly urge makers to do, is design something as regional and
nationalistic as possible!! It is a paradox, but the more typically and
overtly "local" the tiles are, the more interest they will create as PART of
the finished path... When people walk The Path, they will look for images,
place names, countries, etc. that they are familiar with or look out for
"exotic" places like Vietnam or Zambia...

A little mermaid would immediately bring Copenhagen to mind, the Statue of
Liberty = USA, Maple leaf = Canada, etc. etc. We have Spanish Galleons,
Swedish swans, Dutch houses, Welsh dragons, etc. etc.

Almost all the 475 tiles we have are great... just some will be more
meaningful than others at the end of the day... They will make The Path
truely INTERNATIONAL in character. Like when all those athletes parade
through the Olympics!

Details: 10 x 10 cm x 1 cm (= 4 x 4 inches) square, non-slip in wet weather,
impervious (because of the salt fall out) but not a very deep profile (will
hold muck and sand off the beach). No need for "freeze-proof" we hardly ever
get frosts here, just huge quantities of RAIN! (approx. 2 meters per annum!)

However, please try the web site again... there is so much more information
and you will be able to see where The Path will be.

Just hit Big Bert to take you to "page one"
from then on look under International Potters' Path
(top left below CoA and address or at the bottom of each page)
go to > "Information"


go to > "Introduction"
then scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the language of your
choice: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese or Welsh!! Sorry
no Danish yet! But Clay bud Martin Howard is going to provide Polish and
Esperanto as soon as I can give him the script!

Any other questions, I will be most willing to answer. And hopefully some
more of you Clay Buds will also take part... We need a great many more tiles
folks! PLEASE!?

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art: Home of The International Potters' Path