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? ravenscrag slip?

updated sat 9 oct 99


Penny Hosler on fri 8 oct 99

Here's a recent post from Tony Hansen, with a web site address for
checking out Ravenscrag:

We have had a marvelous response to our offer of a
sample of the new Ravenscrag Slip. We are trying
our best to keep up with demand. You should have
received an acknowledgement of your sample request
from us. If you are in the US you should have also
heard from The Archie Bray Foundation regarding
shipment of the sample. If either of these has
not happened please contact us.

We plan to create an extensive web site to
document this material and how to us it.
These are the advantages we have identified:

-Stable & reliable, a hundred-year supply
-A silty low iron clay, it applies evenly, drains
dripfree, dries hard, doesn't settle
-Add frit/feldspar for lower fire, silica for gloss
-Use as base, add colorants, opacifiers, variegators
-Use as an underlayer for vibrancy in fluid glazes
without associated running
-Use multilayers on green/bisque without crawling
or cracking; opens a whole new area of decorative
effects with colored and fluid/non-fluid multi-layers
-Excellent for students to learn glaze formulation
-Supported by internet community and website
-Available across North America by year's end.

We and other users would love to have your feed
back on what worked and did not work for you.
We will incorporate your observations into the web
site as appropriate. If you have any pictures of
ware you made using your techniques, we'd love to
include these as well (we would give you credit and
include a link to your site). Together we can build
a body of information that will be of great use to
students and potters wishing to create their own

When you need to send a message to us just visit
our home page and click on the link to the Ravenscrag
page. At the bottom there is a form where you can
send us a message.

Tony Hansen, Plainsman Clays

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Campana
Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 4:59 PM
Subject: ? ravenscrag slip?

>Sorry, but could someone please tell me where I could get some of
>ever-elusive Ravenscrag Slip? I've never even heard of it before,
but it
>might make a nice ash glaze. Any information (adress, phone,
website) would
>be much appreciated.
>Jeff Campana