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london pottery shopping

updated sat 9 oct 99


Jenny Lewis on fri 8 oct 99

Hi Lucille

Best place to start in central London is Contemporary Applied Arts
in Marshall Street, The Crafts Potters shop. Lots of pots to see,
lots of books and magazines, and a small selection of tools, but if
you buy the Ceramic Review you will see adverts for all sorts of
suppliers. If you are only going to be in London, Potterycrafts
have a shop that is reasonably accessible. They have a website,
which is

Out of London, not too far, there is Bath Potters Supplies, Steve on
this list - hi Steve. Bath is a wonderful city to visit anyway, so
it might make a nice day out. A long-ish day, but do-able.

Let me know if you would like any other info. How long will you be