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sv: re: plasti bats

updated thu 14 oct 99


Alisa and Claus Clausen on tue 12 oct 99

Thanks for that information Jeff. I cannot imagine how I would react to see=
oval hole in the bats. The one I have has 2 rounds holes, but they are =
too big and wobble around when I pull up in the beginning. However, i =
stuff them with stiff clay before I start and that solves the wobbling. =
again for the warning. I will cerainly ask the supplier what sort of holes =
in them before ordering.

Jim Cullen on wed 13 oct 99

I have the Plasti-bats and mine have one round hole and one oval hole. I have
no wobble or shimmy from the oval hole. I use the round hole as the primary
hole and place it over a marked pin on the wheel head. The oval hole goes
over a secondary pin (unmarked). That way I can take the thrown pot off my
wheel, set it aside, and replace it later on the exact same pins it was
thrown on.

If the bat wobbles that indicates side-to-side movement. The oval pin is not
oval in a side direction. The wobble means the pin is too small for the hole
(or the hole is too big for the pin). If the pin is too small....get a bigger
pin. If the sizes don't work out just right, try metric sizes. They fill in
the odd sizes.

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