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dear tony/wood

updated fri 15 oct 99


mel jacobson on wed 13 oct 99

you know, it is like some people that love to discount what i did in japan,
because i worked in kyoto all day, every day throwing pots...and did
not study with a mashiko potter. i went there to learn how to throw, and
throw well. and that is what i did...and learned.

far too much snob talk about `this, or that aesthetic`.
it just seems to me that what your pots look like comes from within the potter.
those are your and my choice....when anyone wants to take that away
from me....well, they had better be moving fast...and north.

i have run into potters that have been in japan for maybe a month, and later
they claim to have been the personal apprentice of some famous potter.
well, that is bull **** of the first order.
sorry to rant.
but, tony started it.
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.

Cindy Strnad, Earthen Vessels Pottery on thu 14 oct 99


You throw wonderful pots, and I've read with great pleasure those parts of
your story that have been available to me. (You should re-post them if you
still have them--bet lots of people would enjoy this.)

To take the "snobbery" thing a step or two farther, I don't think,
irreplaceable as the experience may be, that it's necessary to go to Japan
to learn to throw virtuous ware. What's necessary is to throw lots and lots
of pots and to study to make sure one is throwing lots and lots of good pots
and better than yesterday's pots.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
Custer, SD