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drilling bat holes (re: forgot one thing.)

updated thu 14 oct 99


Cindy T. Riley on wed 13 oct 99

Alisa and Claus Clausen wrote:
> Did you hear about anything as one oval hole in the bats instead of two for th
> screw pin heads?Sounds very weird to me and if so, useless. I have tried to
> drill my own bats, and they are NEVER ever just right. Irritating when they
> shift around.
> Regards, Alisa

I just drilled some this morning, first time. I rather suspect that one
needs a drill press (which I have) to lower the frustration factor. I
also found that a 3/8" spade bit rather than the usual twist bit was
much less apt to "travel" when drilling that second hole for the double
hole set, and also resulted in a much cleaner hole with almost no
tearout. Masonite, I've discovered, doesn't care if you use a backer
board or not as far as tearout goes. As soon as I get a spare minute
(hah!) I'll construct a jig for the drilling, which should make things
go much faster and more accurately.



Cindy in Alabama where I can't *believe* they've put rain back into the
forecast for
next weekend! Why the dickens can't it rain on Wednesday?

Cindy T. Riley (RoseHawke)