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oval holes on bats

updated thu 14 oct 99


Gayle Bair on wed 13 oct 99

Someone mentioned that the holes they drilled
into their bats were not satisfactory.
If you take one you know to fit well and use it
as a guide when you drill I think you will
be happy with the results. I clamp the good one
over the ones to be drilled. You can use the good one
as a stencil if you are worried you will mess it
Like Elizabeth, I put clay on the pin for
the ones that have worn holes or badly drilled holes.

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I have both the ones with the oval and round holes.

I put a smudge of clay on the pin to receive the oval hole and have no
problem w

Elizabeth Priddy

I speak from sincerity and experience, not authority...

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999 11:42:48 Jeff Campana wrote:
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>To my knowledge, Plasti-Bats are very readily available from most places in
>States. At least in Wisconsin, just about every place that sells clay
>Plasti-Bats. I would, however, really put some miles on that one you have
>committing to a large order. The ones they sell now-a-days have one oval
>hole, which is also slightly wider than the bat pin, causing them to "flap"
>on the bat. I recently bought 15 of them and have never regretted a
>more. Now I need to configure some sort of drilling apparatus to get
>drilling done on all 15 unusable bats. I would definitely recommend
against bu
>them if they have an oval hole on one side.
>P.S. Does anyone know a place that still has round holed Plastibats in
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>> Dear Clayart,
>> I have one of the above that I like to throw on. Just short of resting
>> a hot kiln, they seem fairly indestructable, un warpable and fine. Does
>> have a good supplier for them at a competitive price?
>> I intend to order them from Axner when I reach the states, unless I hear
>> better suggestion.
>> Thanks in advance, Alisa
>> PS I have not looked in the archives yet, but reckon I should read the
>> certainly discussed disscussion on
>> what makes the best bats. I use screw heads, because I like sometimes to
>> the pot back on and stretch it a bit more. Masonite were too slippery
>> plaster, although good absorbency, they are heavy and chip.

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