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food safe liner glaze for wood fire

updated sat 16 oct 99


Veena Raghavan on fri 15 oct 99

I would like to thank the many wood fire experts, who were so generous with
their assistance. I am sorry that I have no results to report on as, in the
end, I did not get to go to the wood firing. It was a major disappointment,
but was just not to be. Now I have about forty cone 10 bisqued pots and
nowhere to fire them, as the studio where I do my work only fires to cone 6
electric. I am now on search for someone in the New York City/Queens/Long
Island area, who will fire these for me in a Cone 10 reduction firing. Life
is never easy it seems, just when you think you are all set, things
sometimes fall apart.

Thank you all again, and I am so sorry that your advice could not be put to
good use.

All the best.


Veena Raghavan