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woodfire conference- next date and place

updated sun 17 oct 99


Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts on sat 16 oct 99

Steve in N.D. and clayart crew.....

The conference is held intermitantly and the time before last was in 91 and
also sponsored by Chuck Hindes at Iowa City.
Chuck does not intend to do another. He and I talked of starting a woodfire
assn. and getting it going on a more regular basis. Say every 2-4 years.

There has been talk that NCECA, although great, is getting to darn big for
much more than a social event. Smaller more focused conferences like the
woodfire one are much more enjoyable and productive.

Perhaps we could get John Neeley, or one of the other wood gurus, to be the
first pres. of such an assn.

Then identifing the potential conference sites and getting local sponsors we
could get on a 2-4 year schedual.

My suggestion is for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University ( NAU ). They
have a very large wood fire facility ( Noborigama, Anagama and several bourry
box kilns ) and a lovely campus and conference center along with lots of
inexpensive lodging.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA
Nottingham Center for the Arts