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off to japan

updated tue 19 oct 99


Lee Love on mon 18 oct 99

I'm leaving for Japan on Thursday, so I am setting to NOMAIL for a while,
but will get connected as soon as I can when we get in Mashiko. My
address: should work in Japan. We will be around Narita
and Tokyo for a couple weeks while my Akita dog Taiko is in quarantine,
before we go to Mashiko, where I'll be working at a friend's pottery.

We will be around Tokyo during Warren and Nancy MacKenzie's show
opening in Tokyo. We plan on going to the opening. Also, my wife Jean
ran into Nancy last month and Govenor Jesse Ventura will be in Japan during
their opening. Jesse will visit the MacKenzies' show on the second day.
We've been invited to attend then too. I'll wear my Chile Pepper shirt for
the Govenor. I cannot think of two people who are more different than
Warren MacKenzie and Jesse Ventura. :=5E) Should be fun. I
understand that they know Jesse from his time wrestling in Japan. Should
be fun.

I'll keep in touch.

/(o=5C=A7 Lee In Saint Paul, Minnesota USA =B0
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- Heauton Timoroumenos