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updated thu 21 oct 99


deborah goletz on wed 20 oct 99

Tile displays:
I mount tile for presentations on foam core - the 1/2" variety doesn't
bend, even with heavy tile. I use epoxy glue to adhere the tile. I've
also mounted small sections (1' x 2') on 1/4" mason board which is fairly
light but will warp if the piece is too big. I usually rig the foam core
or mason board with another piece of equal size behind it, hinged at the
top to form a teepee arrangement (ribbon attached to the sides prevents it
from opening more than the desired amount). You could use a similar system
and hang it over poles in a booth. For that matter - you could just hang
the panels from sturdy poles with wire and use a light fabric behind.
Portable coat racks used for garments might even work. If you'd like to
send some slides of your work for consideration in my book, contact me
DeBorah Goletz