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raku purple matt glaze

updated sat 23 oct 99


Scott North on thu 21 oct 99

Hi Karen,
Don't have a recipe for a purple matt glaze, but if you go to
Creative Ceramics in Santa Rosa I'll bet you can find a commercially
prepared cone 06 glaze that is fig purple, and it will most likely work for
you in a raku fire. I have had mostly good luck with commercial glazes for
small touches of bright color in raku. For a turquoise crackle that looks
a little like windex (old post), try this:

Ferro Frit 3269 - 65
Gerstley Borate - 30
Silica - 5
Mason stain 6364 10
if too light or dark turquoise, just adjust stain amount
Sieve through 80 mesh screen and fire to cone 08 -06 1750 F
Best of luck,
Scott in the beautiful Humboldt County Redwoods

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Humboldt State University
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Karen Shapiro on fri 22 oct 99

Hi Scott,

I already do all my clay shopping at Creative Ceramics and also recommend it
to all looking for almost any glaze. I didn't, however, find the "fig
purple" there, as I wanted a matt glaze. Anyway, I did come up with
As for the windex blue, I also played with Masons and clear but couldn't get
a deep enough saturation, so I sprayed on EZ strokes, then sprayed a clear
raku over it and got just what I wanted.
thanks for the reply,

Karen in Sonoma