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soda wash: was fake flashing

updated sun 24 oct 99


Lynne Antone on sat 23 oct 99

I fired some pieces I made at a Dannon workshop this summer, cone 10 clay,
that were coated with 3 coats of the soda wash she mentioned earlier and
fired at cone 6 oxidation. I got a nice toasty sheen where the natural color
of the clay showed thru (pale tan/yellow) and black where I had applied a
black slip before texturing. We also sprinkled on some Kaolin which settled
into the textures and this came out white under the wash. Very nice looking
piece and have since tried the wash over a red iron wash and over a glaze.
The glaze was applied over texturing, then washed off the high spots to the
bare clay (bisqued pieces), then the soda wash over all. I was concerned that
the soda would interact with the glaze in the textures, but it seemed to do

The wash settles out after sitting for a while, so just put it in the
Microwave and watch closely til the crystals just melt. Best not to boil.

Lynne Antone
Olympia WA
Dannon, I promise I will get photos to you soon to see how my pieces glazed
up. So much I learned in your class, thanks again.