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quick intro from london

updated thu 28 oct 99


Joyce Lee on tue 26 oct 99

You are indeed a lucky man to have such an exciting journey ahead of
you. I've been in pottery only the four years since I retired, and I'm
so grateful every day that I just randomly chose it as a "little hobby"
to keep me entertained in my down time, and to enable me to meet some
new people. That has certainly been the case. Of course, for about two
years I felt as if I were trying to stay on the track while a runaway
locomotive puffed and snorted at my aged heels. In those four years with
all their ups&downs, frustrations&glories, I've accumulated
loads of literature and video tapes, taken seminars, classes and
workshops ... but no other experience has even approximated the learning
I've garnered from this List. You've come to the right place, indeed, as
have we all ...

In the Mojave grateful also that the retired gentleman ... who resides a
bit further out in the desert ... has once again attached that huge
concrete rigormortis to the back of his truck ... and scraped our narrow
road of all its ruts and potholes which have been designed to ensnare a
careless potter ... who, as she navigates the distance to Inyokern road,
is busily counting her pots before they're fired ...

James Roche on wed 27 oct 99

Hello Joyce,

At 11:37 26/10/99 EDT, Joyce Lee wrote:
>You are indeed a lucky man to have such an exciting journey
ahead of

I'm just so amazed at what ceramicists can do, there are so many
styles and influences. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming at
the versatility of this medium. But I know that I shall never
be bored with it.

I'll let you know how things progress - and getting that pug
mill apart! It's been mentioned elsewhere on the list that the
"wet method" is superior to using a pug mill. Does this mean
just mixing up the clay powder and water by hand, then allowing
to stand for some time?