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oil lamp wicks more resources

updated sat 20 nov 99


Stephen Lathrop on thu 28 oct 99

I have a few resources for Oil Lamps and related supplies.
If your other resources for wicks and oil lamp supplies
doesn't meet your needs my favorite store is the
LEACOCK/COLEMAN Center in the middle of the Amish country
in Pennsylvania, Link listed below along with my second favorite
store KIRKMAN after the Lehman's Non-electric catalog
( reference from Ditmar also a favorite.

You have to call the LEACOCK store for wicks cause
they don't advertise them on their home page. And yes contrary
to most other Amish who don't have telephones LEACOCK does
have one. A recent reluctant addition I might add only to meet
the demands of their non Amish customers like myself.

I have shopped at their store. Its a real treat to visit if your ever in
the area of Lancaster PA and you like Country, Pioneering, Wood
burning supplies, and farm related stuff. I own two of their
LEACOCK gas lamps for those winter snow storm power outages
on my farm along with some modern oil lamps it makes it real
comfortable to get along without electricity. Lack of electric does
not do much for the Pottery in the Skutt however.

But for pure traditional Brass oil lamp reproductions and supplies,
modern oil lamps, and supplies try KIRKMAN. If you visit their
web site follow the Links and from the Links section if you like lots
of other type early American lighting devices.
For Oil Lamps and Conversions home page
Link to for Oil Lamps
Link to Globes, Wicks, and spare parts

Leacock Coleman Center
89 Old Leacock Road
P.O. Box 307
Ronks, Pa. 17572-0307
(717) 768-7174

The Pirates Pottery in PA

Russel Fouts, \"Mes Potes et Mes Pots\" on fri 19 nov 99


>> <<

The company that brought us Crayola Crayons and SILLY PUTTY!

>> ( reference from Ditmar also a favorite. <<

Great site! had lots of fun browsing the "old-timey" but still REALLY useful
stuff. With all the talk about stools, I'd bet that the "one legged" milking
stool could be a real winner for potters! Especially the model with the

Great irony that the "Lehman Non-Electric Catalogue" has gone high tech.
Love it!


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Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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