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slip for quarry tile?

updated tue 2 nov 99


gail sheffield on mon 1 nov 99

Can anyone recommend a slip for use on unglazed quarry tile suitable for =
exposure in a mild climate (Deep South, but we do have several freezes a =
and temperatures occasionally in teens). A local child advocacy center =
with abused children) would like to raise funds with a variation of the =
=22buy a
brick=22 scheme. They would like to use tile. There is a local source of
inexpensive quarry tile, and I got one and wrote on it in freehand with a =
slip I
use, and fired it. It seems durable and bonded, but it is a lowfire slip, =
and I
can't count on it weathering outside. We would not use the tiles =
but vertically on a wall. Any other suggestions to accomplish same goal? =
to be quick and cheap. I'm not very knowledgeable about all this clay stuff.

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA