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how much for a piece of ash??

updated wed 3 nov 99


clennell on tue 2 nov 99

Ron: I been waiting this one out to see what the eventual price for washed
wood ash is. You know I've got lots, but the way I figure it it must be
worth a black plate. One nice plate and you've got your choice of my ash
harem- cherry ash, plum, grape, mixed hardwood and I'm even getting some
apricot. So my friend I am going to wait to see the outcome of this search
for the ulitimate piece of clean ash and the price there of.. It's never
free and if you don't do it outside it can take your breath away. So be
very careful. I don't know if Stephani's chemical gloves are going to be a
hit. Wear them if it's unwashed and throw them to the wind if it is.
Wear a mask. You don't want to let them see you smiling.

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