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updated tue 28 nov 00 on thu 4 nov 99

hi all

any suggestions for pottery/ceramic sites to see in central/southwest

we'll be arriving in mid november,

the day after the annual koln art fair closes, unfortunately

auf wiedersehen


elizabeth wheeler on mon 27 nov 00

Hi! I have joined this service to see if anyone in the ceramic art world
knows of any opportunities for study, apprentiship, or work in Germany
(relating to ceramic art.) I would like to go there this summer with my
boyfriend, who will have a six week scholarship somewhere in the country.
We can be flexible about the city, but Berlin is difficult for us. I have
done production throwing (I worked for a year at a manufactor) but have been
making sculptures for the past year and a half. I will have received my BFA
from Bennington College and the Art Institute of Chicago. Any tips would be
greatly appreciated!
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