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book titled "macrocrystaline crystal glazes"&free lecture on the

updated sat 6 nov 99


Deanna Palfrey on fri 5 nov 99

The book you are looking for may be:

"At A Glance: Macro-Crystalline Gazes, the Challenge of Crystals on
Macro-Crystalline Glazes" by Peter Ilsley.

By the way, Leon Bush (a past president of the ACS-DC), who is featured in
the above-entitled book, is kicking off our Program Series with a free
lecture on Macro-Crystalline Glazes on November 19th in Van Nuys, California.
This has been set up by my Program Co-Chair, Ricky Maldonado, and is open to
members of the American Ceramic Society-Design Chapter of Southern
California. If you would like to become a member, the ACS-DC has much to
offer! It is a non-profit organization run by volunteers for the promotion of
the ceramic art. E-mail me at: with subject matter:"A
CS membership" if you would like information about us or for membership
information. Membership is $20.00 a year.
~Deanna Palfrey, Program Chairperson, Amercian Ceramic Society,Design
Chaptper, Southern California Section