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an ash glaze and a question about it

updated sun 7 nov 99


Reg Wearley on sat 6 nov 99

Here is an ash glaze we have been using for some
time now and when it is 'right' it is beautiful-
when it is not right is what my question is about.
First of all, when we get what we want it is a
smooth breaking violet with lots of depth. It has
to be applied quite thick but will run if too thick.
The best results seem to come from a very full kiln
when there is a little more soak time after the
kiln setter shuts down. Even then we sometimes get
the problem orange peel surface-which is the problem.
We fire ^6 oxidation. Any comments out there?

Here is the recipe:

Colemanite 9.32
Whiting 12.48
Wood ash 9.32
Nephsy 24.98
Kaolin(EPK) 8.06
Flint 35.78
Talc 5.0
Manganese Diox.5.0

I use unwashed ash out of the fireplace initially
screened through window screen and then through
our glaze screen, so it is quite fine when used.
The ash is mainly from fir and larch woods.
Hope some of you will try this and make a few
suggestions and adjustments if you can. Thanks,


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