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my class update and a question

updated tue 9 nov 99


Barney Adams on mon 8 nov 99

Hi all,
I've got the first shino piece and I'm pretty much satisfied considering
the environment.
Two weeks to see a glazed piece tends to slow down the process. I like
the ^9 reduction.
Now if I can find a woodfiring close by I could put a few pieces in.

I have seen some of the Robin Hopper videos in class and they were very
I think my throwing has improved just from picking up a few things from
watching him.
I may have to pick up some videos. I pick up much more watching the
process in action
then just from reading and looking at some pictures. It was pretty
special when Robin Hopper
showed a dinner setting by Ron Roy. I kow that guy.

I've also finished changing elements in my kiln and coating with ITC. It
took several orders from
suppliers to get everything I needed. I've got so much bisque ware piled
up in the garage I'm afraid
to open the door.

I tried spraying glaze at the class and I produced the most boring kaki.
I guess it was too thin.
I'm holding out to try again until after I see the rest of the shino
stuff. I may want to see how it
looks with the thin application.

Can I get some recommendations on a book or video on using slips for
decoration? I've seen
the results, but I'm afeared to jump in without a better background.