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bad pots versus seconds

updated sat 13 nov 99


Brad Sondahl on fri 12 nov 99

Elizabeth is right about not selling dangerous pots.
I think handling seconds is a matter of personal taste.
I think smashing your seconds is a bit of bad stewardship, but it might
be good business.
I happily sell seconds for a fraction of the regular cost--it gets back
my expenses, and lots of customers are very happy with them. In fact,
it almost fosters a feeding frenzy at times, spilling into increased
general sales.
If I did not get back some revenue from seconds, I'd be more likely to
overlook small imperfections...
I only feel bad when someone buys a second as a gift for someone--it's a
strange mixed message they send...
I also happily give away some of my pots at both ends of the quality
scale, sometimes to individuals, more often to nonprofit groups. And
yes, giving is good for the soul...
Brad Sondahl
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