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test kits for glaze leaching (fwd)

updated sun 14 nov 99


Elke Blodgett on sat 13 nov 99

from Monona

> Any opinions on the reliability of the home test kits for lead,(heavy
> metals).
Well, that's the pitch, anyone want to take a swing at it?
> PS The test kits are very expensive for what they offer. I'm sure the
> Sulfides can be purchased for a few dollars, not the tens of dollars some
> the kits charge.
> Frank Gaydos
> 510 Gerritt St.
> Philadelphia, Pa.
> 19147-5821
> HTTP://
Get a copy of "Use of home test kits for detection of lead and cadmium in
ceramic dinnerware," Ralph W. Sheets, The Science of the Total Environment,
219(1998) 13-19. Ralph already compared the efficiency of the kits. I
believe the kits failed to detect lead about 10% of the time at the FDA
level. And they did really badly on cadmium.

I recommend the kits for positive identification. But a negative test should
not be considered proof there is no problem.

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