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need a breaking ^06 glaze

updated tue 16 nov 99


Rod, Marian, and Holly Morris on mon 15 nov 99

Continuing to develop my repertoire with terra cotta, and am looking for a
=5E06-05 glaze that is rather opaque but =22breaks=22 well over texture. The=
translucence do this, but the terra muddies the color so. Several commercial
=22art=22 glazes do OK, but are fussy in the kiln and too =24=24=24. Can I =
opacify a
transparent glaze and hope to get breaking? Is there a certain oxide or
substance that will help an opaque glaze break better? I know this is a =
question, because so many of you using terra are using it beneath majolica,
which I do, but am having a dandy time with surface texture, and want a more
natural look.