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large stoneware tiles

updated wed 17 nov 99


george koller on tue 16 nov 99

Hello All,

We are about to start a series of tile decorating projects. For some of
these projects, it
seems to me, large tiles will make more sense than multiple small
tiles. One particular
size might be 16" by 12" - after shrinkage. These large tiles would be
made as thin as
feasible, as low weight will be desirable for the intended purposes
(they will not be
used for flooring, and will be backed by wood). Perhaps using paper
clay will make

My first question is if anybody knows of a good source for such at
thing. Is anybody
producing or in a good position to and willing to make large handmade
stoneware tiles
to order? (We only need 10 or 20 for testing, Iron must be less than
1.25%, and we are
somewhat likely need over 200 per month.)

My second question is, if I can line up somebody that has good quality
stoneware, and
is willing to mold, slab, or cast these things at a good price
(something like $2.00US
per sq. foot, or $2.67US for 12" by 16") are there other people
seriously interested
in purchasing these bisque tiles. If so I would like to hear from them.

Shipping and handling would be expensive, my estimates are from $0.50 to
per tile. Minimum order quantities would be something like 10 tiles.

Thank you,

George Koller
Sturgeon Bay, WI - Door County,

Where I put up Christmas Lights in 60d weather this last weekend, all
the time wondering
how long before the first snow will cover our trees.