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nceca 2000 exhibition

updated wed 17 nov 99


Cheryl Tall on tue 16 nov 99

Hi Priscilla: I have good news for you. They have chosen our group
Sculpture 200/Denver, to show at the Denver International Airport! The
group includes Cheryl Tall, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Ceil Sturdevant,
Deborah Rael-Buckley, Liz Biddle and Laura McLaughlin.

Dates for the show are Jan. 3-April 3, 2000. They would like to have
our work by mid-Dec. if possible. They will pay return shipping. Each
of us gets a glass front case which is set into the wall. Mimi Moore,
Art Programs director for DIA, was quite taken with your small forms
used for your installations. Perhaps you could do an installation in
your case, which is 63" tall and 40" wide and 6" deep. Pieces can be
hung or placed on clear lucite shelves. They will do the installation
of work; perhaps you could send a diagram.

It was quite a coupe to get in this show, which actually was only open
to regional artists. They solved that by calling us an "invitational"
exhibition. Altogether there are 42 artists, and it will be listed on
the NCECA maps and lists of things to do.

Bye for now,
Cheryl Tall