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updated thu 18 nov 99


Edouard Bastarache on wed 17 nov 99


Edouard Bastarache
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De : Edouard Bastarache
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Cc : Francine Robillard
Date : 16 novembre, 1999 19:38
Objet : Re: cobalt sulfate

=3EHello Bryan,
=3ECobalt sulfate:
=3EPoison by intravenous and intraperitoneal routes.
=3EModerately toxic by ingestion.
=3EWhen heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of SOx(oxides of =
=3ECobalt is a relatively rare silver-grey metal.
=3ECompounds of cobalt are used as pigments in enamels, glazes, and paints,
=3Eand in glassmaking, pottery, and photography.Cobalt dust is irritating to
=3Emucosa of the eyes and mouth, and may cause skin allergies, coughing,
=3Eand dyspnea(shortness of breath).
=3ESevere exposure by inhalation may cause pulmonary fibrosis.
=3EIngestion may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and a sensation of warmth.
=3EEdouard Bastarache
=3EReferences:Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Sax =26 Lewis.
=3E Art and Artists(chapter 60) in Hazardous Materials
=3E Sullivan =26 Krieger.
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=3EDe : Bryan Hannis
=3EDate : 15 novembre, 1999 11:38
=3EObjet : cobalt sulfate
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=3EDoes anyone know the toxicity of cobalt sulfate and what amount one would
=3Ehave to ingest or absorb to be affected?