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lead frit toxicity? (fwd)

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> Subject: lead frit toxicity?
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> Hello everyone and greetings.
> I have a concern and confusion regarding lead frits and toxicity. I am
> pregnant and have been extremely careful around the studio to keep away
> anything that might be harmful to my child. I have some low-fire porcelain
> that I created using lead frit 3124 before I was pregnant and would really
> like to use it now. The sources that I have seen say things like "it is as
> harmless as a powder" which doesn't mean anything to me really. Can the
> lead
> still leach through my hands when throwing and tox me out?? Thanks for any
> wisdom any of you might have.

Relax. 3124 is not a lead frit. Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Aluminum oxide,
Boron, and silicon dioxide are in the frit according to my list.

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