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Clayart China on fri 19 nov 99

CLAYART CHINA, Nov. 99, Vol. 4
"CLAYART CHINA" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional ceramic
artists who want to know about ceramic art in China and things related. This
newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western countries for the
ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Editor Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
P.O.Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, U.S.A.
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756, Email:

* Pottery Bar. In China, the ceramic art education is still not popular as
that of in the States, but there is a kind of new place that Chinese teach
people to make pots. Since 1996, there was started from Shanghai, a business
which is combination of clay class and bar was established. In there, people
can buy some drink or wine, and clay. People can sit there drink, talk, and
can use their potter's wheel to throw a bowl. Instructors are
available. This kind of business is very popular in major cities in China.
* We will introduce some of the places that in our China trip itinerary
through the newsletter profile every month.
The Central Academy of Arts and Design and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute are
the two of most important ceramic schools in China.
* The Central Academy of Arts and Design was founded in Beijing in 1956.
The Academy has a strong teaching staff and completed offering of
disciplines and integrates teaching with creative designing, theoretical
research and social practice. There are seven departments, named Textile
Design, Garment Design, Ceramic Design, Graphic Design, Environmental Art
Design, Decorative Art Design, Industrial Design, and Art and Design
The Academy international exchanges have grown remarkably since the 1980s.
The academy has established inter-collegiate friendship ties with Tokyo Art
University, Tame Fine Arts University, Chicago Art College in U.S.A., Ecole
Nationale Superieu de l'Art Decoratif de France Noted Arts and Design
Specialists, etc. In addition to 200,000 volumes of books on arts and
design, the School's library boasts a collection of 12,000 pieces of works
of Chinese and foreign artists. The Academy's bimonthly journal "Decoration"
enjoys prestige among arts and design circles and is national wide
The Department of Ceramic design offers courses: ceramic forms, functional
ceramic vessel design, ceramic decoration, ceramic building techniques,
ceramic sculpture, Chinese ceramic art history and ceramic history of the
world, etc.
Vice Director Jiangzhong Wang, Department of Ceramic Design.
The Central Academy of Arts and Design
34 North Dong-san-huan Road, Beijing, China. #100020
Tel. 86-10-6561-9736.

* Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
The Institute is home to world famous artists teaching traditional porcelain
design and scientists doing advanced research in ceramic materials. Located
on the outskirts of the city in a scenic setting, the Institute has 250,000
volume library, a well quipped computer center, internet access, and 3 multi
media language labs. Two periodicals, "Journal of Ceramics" and "china
Ceramic Industry" are published quarterly by the Institute. Internationally,
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute has enhanced its reputation by establishing
exchange relationships with Alfred University, NY, West Virginia University,
WV, U.S.A. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Nova Scotia, Canada,
IK - San City, South Korea, as well as seven other school in the world.
Vice Director Huanyi Huang, Department of Fine Art.
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Porvince, China. #333001
Tel. 86-798-844-9303, Fax. 86-798-844-1837

TRAVEL (Itinerary)
* 2000 Chinese Ceramic Cultural Travel and Exchange, Mainland
China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. May 20-June 13, 2000 Mainland China - 18 days;
Hong Kong - 2 days; Taiwan- 5 days. $4,650.
Program Director:
Guangzhen "Po" Zhou, Editor of Clayart China Email-Newsletter
707 San Conrado Terrace. #7, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756,
Yih-Wen Kuo, Associate Professor
School of Art, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL 60115
Tel. 815-753-4702, Fax. 815-753-7701,
* Itinerary.
Day 1, (Sat. May 20), Depart Seattle, or San Francisco, or Los Angeles by
Air China in afternoon (about 10-12 hours).
Day 2, (Sun. May 21). Arrive at Beijing in evening.
Day 3, (Mon. May 22). Visit Great Wall, Ming Tombs. Evening, stop at Hap
Pottery Studio (I-Chi, Hsu, Owner and Editor of Chinese Pottery Newsletter).
Welcome Banquet with professors and local clay artists. lecture at the
Central Academy of Art and Design.
Day 4, (Tue. May 23). Forbidden city (Palace Museum, ceramic collection).
Later afternoon, overnight train (soft coach) to Xi'an.
Day 5, (Wed. May 24). Arrive Xi'an in the morning. Visit Provincial Museum,
Banpo Museum (prehistoric ceramic site), Terra Cotta Soldiers (6,000 of the
full-size ancient clay soldiers that had been buried in 210 B.C. and
discovered in 1974). Stay at Xi'an Hotel.
Day 6, (Thr. May 25). Bus to Tongchuan. Visit Yao ware Ceramic Museum and
Chenlu Ceramic Village, people are making pottery since Song dynasty. Back
way to Fuping Ceramic Art Village (a hotal with Banpo style ceramic studio).
Day 7, (Fri. May 26). Bus to Xi'an, Fly from Xi'an to Shanghai. Arrive
Shanghai afternoon.
Day 8, (Sat. May 27). Morning go to Shanghai Art Museum (founded in 1952,
famous for its collection of ancient Chinese art including bronze, ceramics,
sculpture, jade, paintings and calligraphy, etc. Visit Yu Garden
(Chinese mini landscape with rocks, water, bridges and path) afternoon.
Evening, Boat on Huangpu River, beautiful night view of Shanghai.
Day 9, (Sun. May 28). Visit Hanguang Ceramic Studio, (Youyu Li, owner, he
commissioned five large projects for restaurant decorations). Afternoon, bus
to Yixing (the Sculptural Center of the World). Stay at Yixing Hotel.
Day 10, (Mon. May 29). Morning, Take boat though the famous cave.
Afternoon, visit teapot and clay tool market. Visit Dingfang Zhou's Teapot
Studio - Damostration in evening.
Day 11, (Tue. May 30). Bus to Wuxi, transfer train to Jingdezhen (the
Capital of Porcelain). Stay at Jingdezhen Hotel.
Day 12, (Wed. May 31). Jingdezhen ceramic sightseeing: ceramic factories,
studios-damostrations, markets and museum. Afternoon, slides lectures by
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute faculty and American clay artists.
Day 13, (Thur. June 1). Jingdezhen ceramic sightseeing continue.
Day 14, (Fri. June 2). Bus from Jingdezhen to Nanchang, transfer train over
night to Guangzhou.
Day 15, (Sat. June 3). Arrive Guangzhou before noon. Bus to Foshan. Evening,
meet local clay artists. Symposium opening, welcome banquet.
Day 16, (Sun. June 4). Visit Foshan Qing Dynasty architecture, folk art
studios, Ming Dynasty Dragon Kiln, street view. Evening, Symposium, meet
local clay artists and slides lecture.
Day 17, (Mon. June 5). Visit Shi-Wan Ceramic Art Factory and ceramic musuem.
Afternoon, visit some clay art studio. Evening, Boat on river.
Day 18, (Tue. June 6). Bus back to Guangzhou. Transfer train to Hong Kong.
Arrive Hong Kong afternoon. Welcome by Hong Kong clay artists, visit the
Pottery Workshop at the Fringe.
Day 19, (Wed. June 7). Visit the K.S. Lo Gallery (Teaware collection, branch
of the Hong Kong Museum of Art). Sightseeing and shoping in Hong Kong.
Day 20, (Thr. June 8). Morning, fly to Taiwan. Arrive at CKS International
Airport-Taipei before
Day 21 ( Friday, June 9), Meet clay artists from the Taiwan Ceramics Art
Association at the Yingko Ceramic Art Museum plus visiting ceramic
studio/factory in Yingko area. Evening Visit Long-Shan Temple and Hua-Xie
Snake Ally night market Taipei
Day 22 (Saturday, June 10), 9:00-10:30 The National Museum of History, in
the corner of the beautiful Botanical Garden, has a wonderful collection of
Chinese art. 12:00-17:00 Visit National Palace Museum; The Museum is
regarded as having the most exquisite Chinese Art collections in the world.
The imperial holdings of the Ch'ien-Lung emperor (reigned 1736-95) form the
core of the museum's collection. As was the tradition in dynastic China, the
emperor inherited prized artistic masterworks of previous ages. We'll spend
the whole day in the museum to study ceramics and other art work. Evening
Day 23 (Sunday, June 11)
Daytime Tien-zen tea company, the biggest tea producer in Taiwan. Mr.
Chai Zon-Yo's ceramics studio and his art collection. Mr. Chai is a senior
ceramic artist in Taiwan and was the former President of the Taiwan Ceramics
Art Association. He runs a beautiful studio in Taichung area and has a
wonderful art collection. The traditional Chinese paper-making and
lacquer-ware making factories in Puli. And, Sun-Moon Lake Evening Stay at
Day 24 (Monday, June 12). We'll spend a day at the Shuei-Li historical Snake
Kiln site for a
conference. Demonstration, Slide lectures and wood kiln firing will be
scheduled. Especially, we'll see a special demonstration of a traditional
Chinese/Taiwanese coiling-paddling forming technique for constructing large
ceramic containers.
Day 25 (Tuesday, June 13)
Morning Visit Nan-tou Culture Center-Ceramics division. Hwa-tau wood-firing
kiln site, San-Yi. Afternoon Trip back to the CKS International Airport
after lunch. Evening Depart for the US (home sweet home)
Coast Including: Round trip international flight, incountries
transportation, three meals and rooms (twin sharing, three star or the best
in town), museums tickets, tour guide/English interpreter and international
travel insurance.
Cost Excluding: Visa fee ($40 per person, no visa needed for American
passport for Hong Kong and Taiwan). The U. S. domestic fights. Personal
phone calls and other services.
Rooms, food and transportation will be handled by travel agency.

* Louisiana State University, A Symposium On 20th Century Chinese Art:
Boulder From Another Mountain, November 1-5, 1999.
With the support of School of Art of the Louisiana State University,
enthausium of Chinese Culture Club, Professor Rikki Scollard in
Art History Department, Ceramics Art Students Association and a committee
who eager to create a diagloue between East and West in different Art
disclipines, we present a Symposium On 20th C Chinese Art: Boulder From
Another Mountain.
This Symposium brings together painters, sculptors and ceramicists
representing the second generation of Chinese artists whose work reflects
the study of Western art, as well as a Western artists whose style has taken
astonishing turns reflecting Chinese influence. There are exhibitions in the
LSU Museum of Art, Art Gallery in Foster Hall, Landscape Architecture
Gallery . Demonstration, gallery talk and slide presentation are held at
studio and gallery.
Every night, there are Panel Discussions at Design Building Auditorium
Discussion topics are 1. Departments of western Art in China
2. Cross-Cultural Influences. 3. Effect of Chinese Art on Contemporary
American Art and a Chinese Assessment.
Sin-ying Ho.

* Invited by ACGA, De Anza College and Clayart China E-Newsletter,
Ceramic Artist Jeng-Daw "Andy" Hwang from Taiwan will have a slides
presentation and Chinese Tea Ceremony in De Anza College, 21250 Stevens
Creek Boulevard Cupertino, Ca. 95014. In the sculpture lab, A-71 at 7:30
P.M. December 8, 1999. Addimission is free. Everyone is

* About 20 clay artists participated China Art Fair in Beijing, China,
Sept. 1999.

* The Pottery Workshop presents "Made in China Blues", recent ceramic
by Caroline Cheng, November 12-30th, 1999.
Opening reception November 12th 5-7pm at the Pottery Workshop at the Fringe
Club, 2, Lower Albert, Central, Hong Kong.
Caroline Cheng is a well known ceramic artist in Hong Kong. Since her last
goofy, solo exhibition in 1995, she has been soaking in all sorts of
inspirations and making a series of work that reflect current events in Hong
Kong and nearby place whom we shall not name. Some of the work included in
this exhibition are: 3Nuclear Bomb Cookie Jars - don9t get your hand caught
in them!2 3Black Cat/White Cat Chess game- doesn9t matter what color the
cat is, as long as it wins!2 3It9s your TURN - running dogs revisited, an
ode to ousted cults in China!2

* is pleased to bring you the feature-length review
published in this issue of Flash Art on the twenty Chinese artists who
showed at this year's Venice Biennale. The review is by noted critic Fei
Dawei, now living and working in Paris. Regards,

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