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sv: on the contrary,super glue is poison. probably

updated sat 20 nov 99


Des Howard on fri 19 nov 99

Surgical "Superglue" is used as an alternative to simple suturing in Casualty De
& other facilities. Not cheap at A$20 per tiny tube it is quick, easy & a lot l
traumatic when dealing with an unhappy, struggling small child.

Des & Jan Howard
Lue Pottery
LUE NSW 2850

Alisa and Claus Clausen wrote:

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> This was a traffic stopper for me. I have been aimlessly reading along this
> thread, until Kimi suggested that cracked skin should be superglued together.
> do not doubt that that would close or seal the crack and dissinfect. I am not
> doctor so this is my disclaimer, if perhaps somehow this is a good idea. BUT
> my bottle of superglue has an ingredient called Cyanoacrylat- warning, warning
> poison. I would assume it goes quickly into the bloodstream, esp. through an
> open and deep crack. Therefore I humbly and respectfully strongly request tha
> this suggestion is rethought.
> I use that "bandaide" that you can paint on and it dries to a gummy seal (for
> swimming, etc.) for anything I need to cover on my hands while throwing. When
> lived in America, I used Corn Huskers lotion. I think it is Dickens brand, fro
> any drugstore.
> Alisa in Denmark
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> Here's what I do, I use lotions through out the day but at night before I go t
> bed I plunge my hands into melted wax (the kind used in canning and make sure
> is not too hot, you do not want to get burned) and leave it on for 1/4 to 1/2
> hour. I then peel the wax off , next I rub olive oil into my nails or even soa
> them for a bit in the olive oil, last I rub olive oil into my hands and put on
> an pair of light cotton gloves. This works quite well to help prevent cracks a
> to help heal them . If you do have cracks, Super Glue them together, they will
> heal quicker and it kills germs (but it does hurt like the dickens!). Kimi