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lead frit toxicity

updated sun 21 nov 99


Jeff Brett on sat 20 nov 99

Hi Jessica,

Check carefully which frit you are using. Frit 3124 does not contain any
lead. It is a high calcium boron frit. All lead frits from Ferro are
numbered in the 3400s. I have used Ferro frits 3100 and 3124 in low fired
clays before without any problems.
Where I work in the Fine Arts at North Island College we have entirely
removed lead frits from our glaze prep area. It is impossible for us to be
sure our students are using lead frits safely, what they are glazing and
how the pottery may be used. We've tried to control its use but decided no
lead is best. I would definitely not use it in a clay.


>From: Jessica Klauzer
>Subject: lead frit toxicity?
>I have a concern and confusion regarding lead frits and toxicity. I am
>pregnant and have been extremely careful around the studio to keep away from
>anything that might be harmful to my child. I have some low-fire porcelain
>that I created using lead frit 3124 before I was pregnant and would really
>like to use it now. The sources that I have seen say things like "it is as
>harmless as a powder" which doesn't mean anything to me really. Can the lead
>still leach through my hands when throwing and tox me out?? Thanks for any
>wisdom any of you might have.

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