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copper reds - painfull truths.

updated mon 22 nov 99


Chess Denman on sun 21 nov 99

Oh how I wish how I wish I had taken that admirable piece of advice! And I
have no excuse as I too was given it.

However I do have an excuse you see I had quite literally never seen a gas
kiln fired before I fired my one which I built for myself. So, I sort of
worked it out for myself (not very well) and before I got the probe which
had firing instructions in it I was firing using about 8 times (I am not
exaggerating) more gas each time and each firing would cost about #25. One
thing the probe has done is to teach me that I can fire the kiln to 1300
with the burners on the lowest possible setting given time. However, with
the burners on that setting I could also close of the flue damper entirely
without getting reduction! I guess there are enough leaks in the roof for
the kiln to function as an updraft kiln!. As you turn the gas up reduction
is easier to obtain by back pressure but surely not the huge levels of gas
going up the flue I had before.

Guiltily Chess