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casting crucibles for foundry use

updated wed 24 nov 99


Terry L. Ridder on tue 23 nov 99


please forgive the lack of capital letters and any typographical
errors. i am recoverying from left shoulder surgery and typing

i need to state at the very beginning i am not a potter,
i am a blacksmith/founder. my interest in clayart & ceramics
comes from working with high temperature refractories.

i am experiementing with making crucibles for use in
crucible furnaces. my goal is to be able to make silicon
carbide crucibles. i am starting out making alumina

tony hansen of digitalfire has already been a great help.
he has given me a starting point for the alumina slip.

my questions are as follows:

where may i obtain calcined alumina 600 mesh?
where may i obtain zirconia 600 mesh?

Terry L. Ridder