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winter studio

updated sat 27 nov 99


Stephani Stephenson on tue 23 nov 99

Christine, Freeze /thaw is just no good for clay and greenware. I've salvaged
frozen clay pieces but it's a lot of work. Here's a couple of suggestions for a
winter studio that won't be heated full time.
I had a studio in Montana for ten years. It was in a partial basement, which
was great because it never froze, though it FELT like it was freezing! I just
heated it when I worked.
You could try walling in and insulating a small personal workspace within the to
studio, one which would heat up quickly and retain heat to keep you comfortable
while working. I don't know what your situation is, but some a low tech,low
expense suggestion would be to take advantage of or create a dug in / earth
sheltered area...root cellars and so forth, to store clay and pots. you could ev
construct an insulated storage area which would require minimal heating. Even th
heat from a light bulb can keep a small area from freezing. Many a time I rememb
wrapping pipe with insulation or electric pipe heaters which use very little
electricity. You could think about applying some of the same cold weather strate
to your pots and work area. I have this image of pots nestled under a brood ligh
like little chicks.Anyway,you get my drift!
Fnally, no matter what I did, my studio was just too cold to heat or work in
comfortably during January.So January was an ideal time to stay nestled in the
house and work on ideas,portfolio,etc. I'd also invest in a thermos, a good pair
wool pack boots, longjohns, winter cap and wool gloves, both the fingered and
fingerless variety!
Just reminiscing!
good luck,
Stephani Stephenson
Leucadia CA
(this month anyway!) on fri 26 nov 99

Hi Everybody!

Another idea for storage of clay or greenware in unheated spaces: an old
refrigerator. I store my clay and greenware in an otherwise unusable
side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. The insulation in this "icebox" not only
keeps my clay, etc., from freezing in the Mojave winter, but keeps everything
from drying out, throughout the year.

This also saves the refrigerator from entering the local landfill, which is
already bursting it's seams with garbage and discarded appliances.

Milton NakedClay@AOL.COM

Winter in the Mojave is approaching. I feel the chill in my bones! Time to
knock the dust out of the long johns drawer, and restart the pilot in the
propane heater.