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grad school & grant advice?

updated sat 4 dec 99


Anji Henderson on fri 3 dec 99

Ok Jeff got me thinking..... Look OUT!!!! I am
thinking again.. :)

<<(currently he is working under a grant on crystaline
glaze research)""

So, is there any place where I can look up grants and
scholarships specifically for ceramic's.. Web or

Does any body have any comments on the idea of getting
a BFA at Corcoran College of art in Washington DC???
Thoughts in any area, applicaton, classes, looking
good on a resume, whatever would be appreciated.....


--- Jeff Campana wrote:
> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
> I'm asking everyone on behalf of my friend and
> co-student.
> He has 7 years of experience so far, and is very
> focussed on functional
> pottery and raku vessels. He has no interest in
> handbuilding, and wants to
> better his work in a graduate school, but remain
> focussed on functional
> wheel throwing and technical aspects of stoneware
> and raku firing (currently
> he is working under a grant on crystaline glaze
> research). I was wondering
> if there are any specific schools you all know of
> that specialize in
> funtionality and chemistry/firing, rather than
> non-functional sides of
> ceramics.
> Thanks in advance
> Jeff Campana

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