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going to nceca

updated sat 27 mar 10


Jada Ahern on sat 4 dec 99

I'm usually just a lurker here on the list.. I love the info and =
You all are wonderful and make me feel like I am doing something important =
in my
struggles and successes with clay and firing.

I am going to NCECA this year for my first time=21 I am going with two =
people. One that owns the studio I manage and one that works there also. =
am so looking forward to this.. I have studied last years program to get an =
of what happens.

I would appreciate any advice on how to make the best of this. I would =
like to start discussion with others that will be there so we can meet with =
little bit of knowledge about each other. Please email me on or off =

Just a little info about me....

I (we) Raku' once a week and I hi-fire redux a MFT 2-4 times a month. I =
say that I have been working in clay full time for about 1 1/2 years... (so =
I am
just a baby at this)... I have a BFA in Studio Art (Fibers and Sculpture) =
the Universty of Arizona 1994. I handbuild, and am learning to throw
functionalware. (I am just about to leave the heavy bottom club=21). I am
avidly researching and testing glazes. I also occasionally trashcan fire.

I work at a studio on a private 5 acre estate in the desert. The weather =
is sunny and wonderful 99=25 of the time.. and even when it's not wonderful =
it is
beautiful here. I am blessed to be working with two other artists who are =
driven as I am. The kiln gods have blessed us with the ability to do 3-5 =
firings every Thursday. I don't know how it is I got so lucky to be part =
this.. but I sure am thankful=21=21=21

Please communicate with me on or off list=21

Jada Crellin Ahern
Tucson, Az
Manager-Hummingbird House Studios (and bed and breakfast)

Greg Lamont on fri 1 feb 02

>From a lurker and occasional poster:

I just got my registration confirmation for NCECA in the mail yesterday. =
This will be my second NCECA--the first was Las Vegas when I was still =
a student. I must admit to feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it =
all--especially because I didn't know anyone except Pete Pinnell (a =
long-time friend, former dorm-mate from our college days in the early =
1970s during my first college career). Clayart was a brand new thing =
for me and I had to miss the Clayart Breakfast due to a breakfast =
"debriefing" session with my ceramics prof and classmates.

Am I looking forward to this year's NCECA? You bet! I look forward to =
meeting as many of you as possible during the two days (Thursday and =
Friday) I will be attending--especially those of you with whom I have =
had the pleasure corresponding with either through this forum or =

See you there!

Dale Cochoy on sat 2 feb 02

I'm still looking for a ride/room share ( I can even drive) from Ohio (N.E.)
to NCECA. Never been, would like to go, but need some guidance first trip.

Dale Cochoy, Wild Things Bonsai Studio, Hartville, Ohio
DaleCochoy@Prodigy.Net http://www.WildThingsBonsai.Com
Specializing in hand-made bonsai containers, and power wood carving tools.
USA SAMURAI and NINJA wood carver distributor.

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Subject: Going to NCECA

>From a lurker and occasional poster:

Andi Fasimpaur on tue 5 feb 02

At 09:50 AM 2/2/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm still looking for a ride/room share ( I can even drive) from Ohio (N.E.)
>to NCECA. Never been, would like to go, but need some guidance first trip.
>Dale Cochoy, Wild Things Bonsai Studio, Hartville, Ohio
>DaleCochoy@Prodigy.Net http://www.WildThingsBonsai.Com
>Specializing in hand-made bonsai containers, and power wood carving tools.
>USA SAMURAI and NINJA wood carver distributor.

Ride/Room share is not really an option, for a number of reasons, but if you
would like to connect with another Ohio potter, perhaps we could have
coffee while there... This will be my 4th NCECA... I only hope that I make it
out of the clayart room for a little while this time around...

You'll have a great time, and the clayart room is a real asset... you'll meet
people whose posts you've seen, and have an opportunity to buy more
clay tools and pottery equipment than you would have thought possible...
some of it can even be ride tested there at the conference... (I got to try
my little micro-wheel before I bought... :)

I hope you're able to make it, and if I'd known you when we were making
our plans, the ride/room share might have been an option... at this point,
the room is at max occupancy, and the vehicle is probably overloaded
on the trip there, not sure what we'll do if anyone gets big eyes for studio

Hope to see you there.


Bryan Johnson on fri 26 mar 10

Hi All,

This mostly lurker, Bryan and partner Sandy will be heading out for
NCECA tomorrow.
We are mostly going for the shows and clayart.
If you'd like to see what we do, our simple websites can be gotten to

Bryan Johnson